Keep Framing in Mind

Framing in decorationA very important consideration when decorating a room with paintings is the framing. Framing should take on the feel of the room as well as look good with the painting. You will want to be sure that you have chosen the right frame that matches well with the look of the painting and the décor of the room. If you are using Gold and ornate frames you will want to match them in an old fashioned room, that have more antique feel. Art Deco frames would be a better way to go in a room that is more modern rooms. Remember that frames aren’t just something to have on the paintings – they are actually part of the art, and will become very important to you and to your design of the room. Remember to also match the frames with the room, if you have decorated the room in earth tones, such as green, beige and browns, you may want to match the darkest less abundant color in the room, it will stand out from the other colors and it will give you more touches of your accent colors in the room. If you need help choosing the perfect frames that match the room and that match the paintings, talk to a framing expert. It will become very important that your frames correspond well with what you are hoping to accomplish in the room in general.

Photo: Ambientar

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