Painting Helps Develop Coordination

Drawing is a skill which helps children begins to perfect the usage of their hands.  Using a crayon, colored pencil, or even a paintbrush, the children have to use their hands to begin to make shapes which will translate into the picture they want to make.  This allows them to begin to use their hands in a carefully detailed way.  It teaches them to gain a level of control over what their hands do so that their pictures will turn out accurately.  It helps the concentration of the children, giving them the dedication to work on a project until they are satisfied with the work they have put into it.

Learning to color within the lines is another important detail that coloring and painting at an early age helps children to comprehend.  Normally, when coloring, children will simply rush to fill in the space with whichever color they choose, using wide strokes to fill in the space.  This often makes the colors run over the lines defining the image as well as leaving gaps in the space.  By learning to color within the lines, children learn the ability to work more slowly, taking their time to ensure that a good job is completed.  They learn to finish a project by filling in all of the space and to be careful while doing it, ensuring that nothing outside of the lines is errantly colored.  The skill of judging with their eyes on the work their hands are doing is important and painting is one of the easiest ways to get children to master this skill in a way that they find entertaining.  They will be learning without ever realizing the fact.

Photo: Courtesy of Barelyfitz

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