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Salvador Dali - The Temptation of St. AnthonyArt appreciation is not a difficult concept in fact it is fairly simple. It only means that you should have your own opinions about any work, whether that be in literature, music, visual, theatre, or whatever art form you are considering.

When appreciating any type of art you need to ask yourself if you like it. After all can you say that you like every piece of music that you listen to, or every book you pick up? Art is like this, it is experienced differently by every person.

Although you don’t need anyone to tell you how to react to art, there is also a bit of truth in the saying, knowledge is power. When you read more about art and what the different art movements were and how they affect art and artists today, you will know more about why an artist presented his work in a certain way, and you will be better able to appreciate the art for what it really is, whether you like it personally or not. The more you learn about art the less distant and strange it will be to you.

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