Let Deadlines Inspire You

Born in 1944, author Rita Mae Brown writes the Mrs. Murphy books and The “Sister” Jane Foxhunting mysteries. She is also known for rescuing myriads of animals and placing them in new homes. If she can not find other homes for them, she keeps them herself on her large Virginia homestead. Her Mrs. Murphy books are based on the sleuthing abilities of two cats and one dog.

Speaking from a writer’s viewpoint, she said,

“A deadline is negative inspiration. Still it’s better than no inspiration at all.”

College students everywhere can attest to getting the term paper or the project started and completed as a result of the deadline the professor set at the beginning of the semester.

However, even though the deadlines are negative inspirations, they can provide us with some fabulous projects and very creative papers. The artist who will be showing his or her work on a certain date may decide to expand on a certain landscape, turning one idea into several terrific ideas – all because of a deadline. The soloist who sings in church on a given Sunday has a deadline. The teacher who begins his or her career has a deadline for preparation before the work begins.

Deadlines are everywhere – in the workplace, in the social setting, in the school setting.

However negative the inspiration, let them inspire!

Ptoto: Courtesy of BradChristensen

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