Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti - Michael BosankoOne of the newest waves in graffiti art is a really unique method that leaves no traces, messes or paint. Light graffiti is made with different types of lights and then time lapse photography.

This type of graffiti allows artists to create things they never would have been able to do with paint. And the best part is that there is no vandalism involved.

Different types of light sources are used, such as flash lights, glow sticks, bike lights, blinking lights and any type of light source that can work on batteries. Some artists have even been known to use torches and fireworks.

Once their artwork is created they take time lapsed photograph using a tripod, a few minutes to a few hours later nothing of the graffiti is left, which means there is no vandalism that occurs.

This new graffiti allows artists to tag things that were impossible to tag before and can even use people or make their presence known in their work. No one complains about this type of graffiti. When the light is gone the only trace that is left are the photos.

Photo from: 248am; Artist: Michael Bosanko

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