Memorial Photography – Inspiration from Cemeteries

I recently came across a gallery with an exhibition I thought quite interesting. It was a collection of different artists work, but what made the collection interesting was that it was a collection of fine art photographs of cemetery and memorial art from different parts of the world.

Some of the cemeteries were in Paris, others in the United States, in Milan, Genova and even from Moscow. The photographs were truly emotional and believe it or not, I did feel inspired. You would think that it would be morbid, but it is more nostalgic, beautiful, sensitive, solitary and awe inspiring.

What makes an artist look to portray this type of art? It may be his need to portray the solitary existence of man, and the knowledge that in the end we all face the same fate. It is a form of poetry, and of salvation, and maybe even transcendence. Whatever it is, it is beauty. Although this type of exhibit may seem morbid, it is more of a sentimental journey and should be witnessed by all.

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