Why Aren’t Modern Artists Inspired by Biblical Themes?

It appears that many artists don’t feel inspired by biblical scenes anymore, although I don’t see why. It would appear that the Bible has many inspirational elements, and many that artists can draw on.

Artists that still work with biblical scenes find ways of reaching all of us through the subjects they paint, even though the subject has been painted by others thousands of times before. The point is that artists can inspire through biblical paintings, or any other thing that inspires them. It is important that the artist feel inspired by anything and whatever it is that he finds inspiring he will be able to transpose those feelings into his work.

There are few modern day artists that have been inspired by biblical related themes, after the government and Church separated and most religious churches stopped supporting artists, they began to take on themes that were more secular. But there is one modern artist that was inspired much by religious themes, even though there are paintings, where it is difficult to distinguish this influence.  He is well known by admirers for his biblical inspiration and Paris has even dedicated an entire museum to his work. It is Marc Chagall that I am talking about.

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