Mythology in Fantasy Art

The FallenMythology has been used in all art forms since the beginning of mankind, and we continually see it throughout the art work of Ancient Greece and Rome. Even in the 18th century artists were fascinated with portraying the gods and their muses through the Neoclassical era. Today we are still fascinated with mythology and this is reflected through most fantasy art that we see today.

Fantasy art has taken the figures of our mythological past and evolved them one step further. This genre shows magical, mythical figures in fantasy worlds. They are settings of ancient myths or legends and put into modern day settings.

So whether you are a fan of the classics or prefer the more modern forms of fantasy art, you will find traces of mythology and mythological creatures throughout the different art genres in history.

Some are depicted as if they were real creatures and others take on a surreal feeling to them. But in all eras you will find paintings of muses, or goddesses, or of strange half man- half animal creatures that come from our most ancient beginnings.

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