Neoclassicism in Architecture

Neoclassicism - Architecture - Parthenon, ParisNeoclassicism was a movement that affected all art movements including architecture and came about because of many influences of the time. People were tired of the gaudiness, frivolity and innateness of the Rococo movement, and the archaeological findings during this century of the ancient Greek and Roman empires began to influence the art movements again.

Some anti Rococo influences in architecture can be detected as early as the 18th century as noted in the Palladin architecture of Britain and Ireland. Although the movement began in France, and continued on to England, Germany, it soon spread throughout the world. This architecture is noted for its strength, its classical lines, its simple characteristics, and much is modeled after the Roman fashion.

In France architects like Charles Perret even moved the column architecture into functional factory buildings.

By the mid 19th centuries cities like St Petersburg and Munich were literally transformed into neoclassical cities. The influence even reached American circle, the neoclassical movement in the United States was considered a part of the American renaissance and very large monuments like the Lincoln Monument were made in the style.

Other noted buildings were The National Gallery in Washington DC and the Museum of Natural History.

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