Neoclassicism in Decorative Arts

Furniture - Neoclassicism - John Townsend (1733-1809) - USNeoclassicism made itself known in the decorative arts too. There is no better example of the era, than that found in the empire furniture, which was fashionable during the Napoleonic era times. Empire furniture became very popular in the upper classes of England, France, and the new Washington DC.

Although in France the nobility did not take on the style until Louis XVI’s wife introduced it into the palace decorations.

Other classic examples of Neoclassicism in the decorative arts were in the use of wedge wood decoration and their bas relief’s. It can also be noted in the black basalts vases made at the time.

Most wedge wood and porcelain pieces depicted some Roman or Greek motifs during this period and were made to represent the classical pieces that were being found at the time in the Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins.

Neoclassicism took over the interiors of courtrooms, palaces, and salons of most upper class families. It is most noted in the interiors of the Russian St. Petersburg.

The great architectural findings of Pompeii and Herculaneum influenced women to decorate their interiors in the classical fashion. The objective of these interiors was to represent an authentic Roman interior.

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