Neoimpressionism – Pointillism – George Seurat

George Seurat - La ParadeIn Impressionism, aesthetics was the most important part. Other matters such as the painting technique, the subject, the author or the spectator were secondary. Pointillism pretended to recuperate the scientific study of colors and the combination of the primary colors. Pointillist artists painted whole canvasses with many small dots of primary colors, one next to the other. The result is a little strange, since images became quite geometric, far from the spontaneity which was seeked by impressionists. If seen from far away, the different dots, painted in primary colors combined giving the feeling to the eye as if a vast palette of colours had been used.

Pointillism was created and developed by George Seurat. Paul Signac was another well known painter who painted in this style.

Seurat studied optical science and theory on aesthetic to develop his artworks with the same method. He brought his masterpiece, “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”. This art showed his accomplishment as what they called him Divisionist. The trend of the tiny color dots blended from afar created the subject in the vision of the viewers.

Neoimpressionism or Pointillism was short lived but it has made an important impact on painters and evolution of arts.

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