Portraits of the Baroque Period

Baroque Self Portrait - Van DyckOne of  the most noted portrait artist of the Baroque period was Anthony van Dyck, who was born in 1599 and died in 1641. This artist was Flemish by birth but became the leading court painter in England.  He is best known for the portraits of English royalty like King Charles I and members of his family.  Van Dyck, and other portrait artists of the time changed and influenced the art of portrait work for the next 150 years. His paintings were noted for the relaxed style in which the subject was placed, and the contrast between the shadow and the light on the subjects faces.

Each individual is painted in a way in which their personality stands out, The Baroque artists that worked in portraiture were concerned with the inner being and soul of the subject, and tried to portray that in their painting. Paintings were more intense and every detail was observed, and you can see this in the way cloth is rendered and skin is painted with the very texture being seen. This was a very compelling period of art.

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