Pushing the Boundaries in Art – Mixed Media

Man on the Moon - Maria GutuleacModern art has taken on new meaning and artists all over the world are exploring new ways of expressing their ideas through art using mixed media. This is not to be confused with multi media art, as both are distinctive and different, although there are some visual artists that integrate parts of multimedia art with traditional art methods.

Most mixed media artists like experimenting with their art and the way they see things. They are frustrated with the requirements placed by society on traditional art methods. Their position is “why should an artist have to only stick with one media such as watercolor, oils, acrylics, paper?” Why can’t an artist mix different types of media, including the surface on which the painting is made?

Many of today’s great artist have become truly inventive, and this may be caused by the increasing use of technology, or just by highly inventive minds.

In the past, most artists did not mix medias probably because of the constraints of society of their times, or because of atmospheric conditions of the time which would caused a mixed media piece to deteriorate at a quicker rate, but today modern art materials easily allow for combinations of materials.


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