Do People Collect Art for all the Wrong Reasons?

Picasso’s Painting Garçon a la pipe.  Sold by 104 Million USD in an Auction at Sothebys New York.Many people who suddenly find themselves among society’s elite, the ones that have acquired large amounts of money, find themselves wanting to collect art. But they decide to collect art for the wrong reasons.  They decide to collect art to be noticed, to be a part of the art collector crowd, and to be among the wealthy art collectors. 

Many of these collectors don’t know much about art; in fact their collecting is based more on a need to be noticed by others, rather than any real love or knowledge of art. The only problem with this type of art collecting is that you need to continually buy artwork to be noticed.

Modern art has truly been affected by the patronage of these collectors. Painters who attract the attention of any of these collectors achieve instant recognition they look for.  These patrons buy contemporary art from new styles and movements, but the truth is the quality of the work itself becomes irrelevant, and it becomes an issue of “who’s buying what?” It seems Hollywood has also hit the art market of today.

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