A reflection of Societies Values in the Rococo Period

François Boucher - Le dejeunerThe Rococo period succeeded the Baroque style. It was the reflection of the new king Louis XV’s rise to the throne. The previous king had lived in an era where architecture and art were rich, elegant, and huge as the Baroque style deems. But with the new reign of a young vivacious King the style changed which led to the Rococo era.

Court life moved away from rigid restrictions and beliefs. It shifted away from the high court, and headed into the private salons, and the art, decorations, and architecture reflect this change.

Rococo is now considered to be in complete concordance with the rich excesses of Louis the XV’s life style. The early 1720’s and 30’s are considered to be the height of the Rococo movement.

Rococo still maintained some elements of the Baroque period, including the need for intricate detail, but it also began to integrate other elements from other parts of the world, such as influences from oriental designs and asymmetrical compositions.

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