Renaissance Architecture

The Renaissance was a time throughout Europe where attention was once more paid to the classic aesthetics of Ancient Greece and Rome and suddenly artists of all types desired to emulate these features.  These aesthetic appeals influenced both painting, sculpture, and even architecture.  While much of the influence of Ancient Greece and Rome on paintings started to die out during the 1520s, its influence on architecture lasted well into the 17th Century.  Symmetry, geometry, and proportion were all important qualities for the architecture to take on.  Columns, arches, and domes were common features which Renaissance architecture featured, replacing the starkness and irregularity of Medieval buildings.

The phase of Renaissance architecture went through a few phases, beginning with Quattrocentro, where the concepts of the architecture of the period were formed and certain rules were devised.  Space was first begun to be considered as an element of architecture.  The High Renaissance phase of architecture saw more elements from the classic architecture be used with certainty.  This led into Mannerism, where the architects began to experiment with forms as a way of emphasizing both spacial and solid relationships.  These architectural expressions began to filter out to the other countries across Europe, each country taking its own view on how to best represent the classic beauty of Ancient Greece and Rome in its own terms.

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