Reverse Graffiti

Alexander Orion - Reverse GraffitiWhat the heck is reverse graffiti? Have you heard of cleaning the sidewalk or sandblasting a wall to get it clean? Is that a crime? Well it could be if its used for reverse graffiti

Many street artists have taken to expressing their views through a new graffiti process called reverse graffiti. The process works based on the same principle as the “wash me” signs on the cars. The artists cleans the areas of walls where he wants his graffiti to show through.

These artists look for terribly filthy walls and then armed with scrub brushes hoses and scrapers build their work. Some advertisers have even been known to use their services.

Among the pioneers in this graffiti method is Paul Curtis also known as “Moose.” He has been commissioned by different brands to clean in a different way.

Alexandre Orion, a Brazilian graffiti artists wanted to remind drivers of the impact of car emissions and he created skulls in one of Sao Paolo’s transport tunnels using this method. The city retaliated by cleaning the wall where the skulls were located. So he did the same on the adjacent wall of the tunnel. The city then retaliated by cleaning all of the tunnel walls.

Source and Photo: Inhabitat

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