Revival of Neoclassicism After WWI

Pablo Picasso - Three women at the springAlthough the Neoclassical period took after the Rococo period and was a revival of ideals, traditions, and knowledgeable art techniques, it was soon followed by other art movements, soon to be revived again after WWI and before WWII.

During this era many modern artists, literary artists, and musicians decided to integrate neoclassical motifs into their  work. Even artists like Picasso reincorporated certain aspects of the neoclassical movement into certain pieces.

Even Art Deco incorporated neoclassical ideas, when architects integrated Grecian lines into their buildings around the 1950’s. During this time between the wars Neoclassicism mainly affected the world of literature, rejecting Romanticism and instead embracing Christianity, and politics.

The Neoclassical period between the wars was initiated in America as a way of returning to family and Christian values.



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