Rice Art

Rice Field ArtDid you know that artists are making works of art in rice fields? Today with the environmentally friendly movement artists are moving into the rice paddy. Yes! Artwork is eatable!

About 600 Km out of Tokyo you can find beautiful art works made right out of the rice field. Apparently by planting four different varieties of rice in just the right way, people from the Inakadate Village are able to make incredible reproductions of famous prints by Katsushika Hokusai. These works of art took a long time to plan and their destruction comes closes and closer, as the September harvest nears.

These rice fields seem normal when seen from the ground. But when seen from a 22 meter high tower, visitors can see great works of art that have taken place. The fields have been a great boon for the local economy, drawing close to 150,000 visitors. Some people who see it for the first time wonder if the leaves of certain rice plants have been painted a certain color. The villagers then explain that no, the colors come from using different types of rice plants.

Rice Field Art - Mona LisaInakadate Village started to create rice-paddy art in 1993 as a local revitalization project. No one takes credit for the idea, which seems to have just grown out of meetings of the village committee.

During the first few years the designs were simple and have progressively gotten more complicated and intricate, thereby provoking more interest from travelers and tourists in coming to see these great rice paddy art works.

Source: Hemmy

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