Rococo Architecture

Hermitage Winter Palace in St. Petesburg - Rococo architectureRococo architecture came about as a reflection of the times. It followed the Baroque style and was known for its feminine curves, intricate designs, and flamboyance. It was a much lighter style of architecture than the dark heavy Baroque style and emphasized by intricate details and very light colours. The style was meant to be a reflection of the times, meaning a time that was frivolous, happy and uneventful.

Rococo architecture became known as the French style and really did not do as well in other countries as it did in France. The Rococo architecture style took its creativity from nature, referring to clouds, flowers, shells, sea, coral, scrolls, spray, etc. Most of the colors that were used in the buildings of the times were pastels or very light colors.

Among some of the most noted buildings of the period and which are still standing are the Hotel de Matignon, and the Hotel d’Evreux, the Place Louis XV designed by Jacques Ange Gabriel which we now know as the Place de la Concorde.

Besides intricate designs and frivolous detail the Rococo architecture also brought many improvements to architecture; sanitation was improved, chimneys were made more efficient and rooms were better organized to offer more privacy.

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