Rococo’s influence

Rococo furniture & decoration - Room from the Hôtel de Varengeville, Paris.The Rococo movement influenced other arts including painting, architecture and sculpture. Its playful nature, delicate strokes and feminine style influenced also greatly furniture, tapestry, interior design and clothing.

The themes became very light-hearted and within the decorative arts most Rococo pieces were very intricate. That is why it worked best with small scaled items, which differed greatly to the large Baroque sculpture and architecture of previous eras. Rococo was best used indoors and was adapted to porcelain figures, frills, metal work, and furniture.

The architectural, interior design and even the clothing of the Rococo style was very common in the Marie Antoinette period. In her palace you will note that the rooms were done entirely in the Rococo style and are considered to be works of art themselves. Rococo furniture is known to be very ornate. Tapestries, mirrors, ornaments and paintings done in the same style were used to complement the Rococo architecture. As the period ended, much of the style was looked upon derogatively and considered to be too frivolous.

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