Art in Romanticism

Francisco de Goya - The Third of May: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid

Romanticism is the movement in art and literature that occurred in Europe and America during the mid/end 18th until the 19th century. It was a movement that revolted against the rationalism of Neoclassicism, which gave great importance to feelings. Its most important part was that it broke from the Neoclassical tradition and from a set of stereotyped rules. Romanticism is a way to feel and express nature, life and human nature. The style was expressed differently in each country.

Romanticism art is not signaled out in just one style, technique or attitude but rather characterized by being imaginative, emotional and a dream-like quality about the romantic artist’s paintings. Painters during Romanticism did not paint according to what they were requested but rather by their own feelings, looking to express their ideas and feelings on canvas.

The most important characteristics of Romanticism came as opposition to Neoclassicism. Specifically, subjectivism replaced objectivism. Feelings, passion, imagination, creativity, originality and imperfection prevailed over the importance of order, rules, rationality and perfection from Neoclassicism.

In Romanticism landscapes had a great importance since they evoked a spiritual state. Religious paintings recovered its importance from Baroque and Romantic painters were also very attracted by Nationalist settings.

There are many great Romantic artists but the most prominent ones of the Romantic era were the French Eugene Delacroix, the English William Turner, and the Spanish Francisco Goya.

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