Eugenio Salvador Dali

Christ of St. John of the Cross - Salvador DaliSalvador Dali (Figueras, Spain) was one of the most significant painters of the twentieth century. He was also extremely controversial. He was expelled from the Artistic Academy in 1926 right before his final exams. He was expelled for saying that nobody at the Academy was good enough to examine him.

Dali was a painter with outstanding painting skills. He was best known for his striking and bizarre images in his surrealist works but he also painted some realistic paintings. His painting skills are often compared to the Renaissance painters. He also experimented with the Cubist Style and was influenced by the Dada movement throughout his life.

His exhibitions of work attracted many people and he received mixtures of praise and puzzled debate from critics. He even came into conflict with his fellow surrealists over political beliefs. For this reason he was officially expelled from the Marxist surrealist group. Dali’s response to this expulsion was ‘Surrealism is me.’

Dali was widely known for his great imagination and for his affinity for doing unusual things which made people come to him. It also made some of his art lovers get annoyed as much as it did to some critics. This made people purchase his art works and he became purposed sought notorious.

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