Inspiration from Neon Signs

Anthony Ross - Rush HourAnything and everything can be art. An artist can find subject matter in anything he sees and many artists specialize in just one or two subjects.  As an example, I know of several artists who only paint doors, or windows and have been painting those subjects now for a number of years. They eventually learn to paint their subjects as no other person can.

In the US there was a time when streets of cities and highways were infested with neon signs. They were the trademark of Hollywood and the cinema industry. Today there are little vestiges of those old cinemas and those old signs, but there is a rural highway that transverses the entire country where landmarks of this bygone era still remain, and an artist who still loves to record and remember these bygone days through his paintings is Anthony Ross, who specializes in sign painting.

His work expresses a bygone era in Americanism and for those people that remember the era, his work expresses reminiscence of a freer time, a time when going to the movies was true entertainment, and drive thru’s were the Saturday night thing to do. A time where young adults met and socialized in these places.

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