Spanish Renaissance

Spanish Renaissance - El Greco

The Renaissance was an influential time in Europe, ushering the land out of the Middle Ages and into what would eventually become Modern Europe.  It allowed interest in science to flourish as well as a redefinition of the terms of beautiful art.  While this movement generally started in Italy, it did spread across the rest of the land and one of the places most affected by the Renaissance was Spain.  During this time frame, from around 1492 until the late 16th Century, Spain was one of the major world powers and this gave the country the luxury to allow advances in many areas, from world exploration to science and the arts.

El Greco was one of the most influential painters to come out of the Spanish Renaissance.  He focused heavily on religious themes with his art, yet his style was a unique one which heavily foreshadowed art trends to come.  While his contemporaries were never quite sure what to make of his art, he found great admiration in the 20th Century, as his work is very similar to what developed with Cubism and Expressionism.  Luis de Morales is another famous artist from the Spanish Renaissance, producing a very famous painting of Madonna and Child.  He was often called “The Divine Morales” by his peers, due to the intense spirituality and realism given in his art.

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