Street Art – The Sidewalk Picasso

Julian Beever - 3d Street ArtJulian Beever has an amazing talent and its all done with chalk on public sidewalks. His work appears to be 3 dimensional and seems to fool the eye, he is a true master of the 3 dimensional. He generally works out of London, but has worked all across Europe, Australia and the United States.

When people look at his work it appears to pop out at them right up from the pavement. He mainly works or large corporations and creates highly detailed imaginative pieces that have an advertising focus to them.

Watching a sidewalk artist work with chalk is really interesting, and well worth taking a few minutes to do it.

Julian Beever - Street ArtBeever has been doing 3D sidewalk art since the early 90’s and his creations now make money even though they are only temporary since they are created with chalk. Companies like Coca Cola, Sony and others hire him to create sidewalk murals on sidewalks and pavement all over the world.

One Response to “Street Art – The Sidewalk Picasso”

  1. J & N Hill Says:

    visiting london first week of june 08. would like to know if julian will be in london working on street art at that time. would love to see him creating his amazing art. thanks…j&n


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