Surrealist Fantasy Artist – Tomasz Setowski

Have you ever seen the work of Tomasz Setowski? This artist specializes in fantasy art, but fantasy art as no other. Kasia Turajczyk suggests that his work is influenced by the polish illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer who died in 1973 and was a world renown childrens book illustrator, but I believe that the ethereal quality of the paintings by Tomasz Setowski are so much more. I believe Setowski must be influenced by many other artists as well to be able to attain the creativity and the imagery he is able to project in his paintings. These may come from his own inner being with little or no influence from any other painter, illustrator, or artist. Of course, I am sure much of his creativity stems from images, or stories he remembers from childhood, because all of his imagery is so childlike.

What I do know is that to fully appreciate the work of Tomasz Setowski , you need to stand  a few minutes and really observe all that goes on in his paintings, and once you do that you will believe in fairies, kings and queens, and enchanted forests. These paintings are full of optimism and happiness, this is the type of work we need more of in our lives.

Photo Via : Surrealist Fantasy Art

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