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Contemporary art Vs Pop Culture

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Pop Art Portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy WarholToday much of our contemporary art stems from Pop culture and pop art which originated in the United States in the sixties. The purpose in making contemporary art more pop culture related and less abstract, is based on the idea of making a works message more easily understood by society.

Pop culture and art began by integrating popular items of our times into art forms. Most were either paintings or in the form of sculpture. The first items that were integrated into the pop art movement were tires, flags, maps, stuffed animals and even targets. The movement started as a way to get away from the dullness that modern abstract painting began to take on. It was a way of looking at pop culture sarcastically, a way of mocking our modern world.

Much later media advertisement and TV were integrated into the pop movement. Although pop culture and art became popular, it did not supplant the contemporary movement as its original plan was, but instead became an additional movement within modern painting. Today the pop art movement has become an important element of the modern painting era.

Oil portrait artists – adding new meaning

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Portrait by MichelangeloPortrait paintings have been known to have their roots ever since prehistoric times. However most of the works of those times do not exist today. Oil paint was the most common material used in those days and was used to depict realism more accurately. Oil portrait artists were in great demand and one of the greatest painters of all time remains Claude Monet and Van Gogh, among other greats like Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more.

Adding a new meaning

Most oil painters (especially the famous ones) have become so because of their ability to add a deeper layer of meaning to a superficial object. It could be something as simple as a flower or a tree and yet it acts as an object of symbolism. In fact if you compare the oil portraitists of olden times with the modern artists, the depth of the painting is lost today. Today, modern oil painting artists need to showcase the personality and strength of an individual in their portraits, rather than just depict reality. Reality can in any case be showcased with a photograph and the reason people turn to oil portrait artists is because of the warmth and personal touch their works exude. Therefore, it’s important to reinforce the feelings and positive character of the subject in the painting to recapture the lost splendor of earlier works of art.


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