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Creativity and Inspiration for an artist

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Dali - A creative mindAn artist’s creativity and inspiration begins with his own envision. It is the individual’s unique perception that forms his view and how he gets inspired. Each artist’s creativity will be fanned in different ways. Inspiration and creativity go side by side in artistically inclined persons and there is no definite situation that will ignite this surge suddenly.

This also depends largely on the type of art that the artist is inclined to. If he is a landscape artist, the outdoors will inspire him, but if he is a portrait or still life painter he will get stirred with different objects. There is a mindset involved in the painters thoughts which gives motivation to what attracts him.

Dull days for creativity

Every artist will have dull days when he is not inspired to do or start a new work of art or even to work on one that he has already started. This is a burn out of his energy and he would have to reenergise himself before commencing his painting once more.

Photography in advertising

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Photo advertisementTalent in photography is also seen in advertisements. The pictures are perfect with the model or product looking more appealing than maybe their original form. The photographer’s talent and creativity come to the fore in portraying the product in the most attractive way. It is the photographer’s talent and his perception that creates this vision for the observer to be taken up with and this sells the product more than anything else.

Whatever the method of creating a beautiful picture it is the artists and photographers work that makes it happen.

The tools of graphic designing

Monday, January 21st, 2008


One does not have to go far, as the designer’s mind is the greatest tool in graphic designing. The ability of the designer to create a visual impact and put it on a base is the creative ability of the designer to draw the viewer’s attention to the product. Even if the designer is provided with the basic concept of what is required, he converts it into his own form of depiction and presents it to the viewer.


Sometimes sketches and scripts are provided to the graphic designer to give him a picture of what the client has in mind. But here again it is up to the designer to choose the most suitable one’s to complete the final graphic design.


Computer graphic designing gave the designer the option to view the effects of the layout immediately without putting it down on the final material. However, traditional tools like pencils, markers and sketch pens are still used to give the basic ideas to the designer before he finally puts it down on the computer.


Certain software applications are indispensable to the graphic designer and this brings the computer back into the priority tool for the graphic designer.

The artist transports the viewer

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Landscape oil painting MonetDistant lands and spots of scenic beauty which it may not be possible to visit are brought within easy access. Creativity conveys much more than what meets the eye to the viewer and brings alive hidden splendour and mysticism. Rocks and stones and twigs and branches come alive under the artists deft strokes and are transformed into a beautiful landscape.

To a lay person what he sees before him may not inspire him to create something wonderful which he could present to the world as a work of art. The sunset or sunrise, a moon behind dark cloud, water rippling down a cliff or a barren stretch of land is transmitted with a mesmerising effect by a landscape artist in his paintings. The landscape artist brings beauty and a mesmerising effect into the most unassuming and dull scenery. What could not be perceived by the onlooker is drawn to the fore by the artists’ viewpoint and submitted in its fascinating form to the viewer.

Art is the expression of the soul

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Flower arrangementThe creative mind of an artist is an expression of his soul which the artist puts into action and displays his creativity. There is a bit of art in every human being. Some create beautiful visual effects while others pour their expressions out in poetry and prose.

In today’s technical World, even a computerised form of art is an invention of sorts. It is something that the artist has visualised and manifested in his work. A florist creates an arrangement with flowers, placing them in a beautiful array of colours and blending them into a pretty picture, this is also creativity and a work of art.

As creativity soars on the wings of imagination an artist creates what is hidden in his mind, for the rest of the World to see and admire.

Creativity in Portrait Painting

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Any artist who starts off painting a particular subject will try and look beyond the ordinary. The mere form and shape of the subject is something that any photograph will capture very well. What makes art truly outstanding is its ability to transcend traditional boundaries. That’s why you find the Mona Lisa having the blended features of a male and female, or The Last Supper having a sense of mystery and suspense looming in the air around.

Creative Painting

The extent of an artist’s creativity depends on the degree of non-adherence to standard boundaries. For example, the subject of a painting could be the face of a woman. An artist, by looking at the subject in a different light, is able to capture in the final painting a dimension which goes beyond what one could see by simply looking at the face of the woman. Though the painting, the artist can express the woman’s thoughts, her dreams, her illusions, the feelings that arise in her heart and many other matters.

For example, the painting of this woman transmits to me a man thinking or dreaming about his beloved woman, who is no longer there. The blurred painting transmits to me that the woman is not real, that she is not there. She is in somebody’s mind so she could be a thought or a dream. It is a close up portrait, so that means that the woman is or has been very close to the man. Her melancholic look and the choice of the colors used by the artists transmit to me the mood of the person (probably the artist) who is thinking of her. He misses her very much.

This is what the artist transmits to me with this painting. Others will see other matters. An artist will use different techniques to portray what he or she wants. His/her success will be measured, to a great extent, on how the portrait effectively transmits his/her feelings to the observer and what kinds of feelings arise in the audience.


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