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Art inspires change

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Picasso - Guernica.  “Painting depicting the horrors of Spanish Civil War”

As Thoreau put it so well “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Today it seems that all contemporary art, portrays the world we live in, and say something about the state of being. If we pay close attention to these art pieces, it would seem that the future of mankind is bleak.

The art of today depicts the horrors of war, of hunger of poverty, of mans disparity toward each other. What is the purpose of such art, one might ask? The purpose of the artist in showing us this despair and negativity is to provoke a reaction from society, a reaction to change the world around them, to make things better. The purpose of this art is to show us how beautiful the world is and how we manage to destroy it. It is a way of inspiring us to bring about change.

In essence art is not made just to imitate life, inspire hope, or to show beauty, although it can certainly do this too. But art is also made to inspire change, give us a glimpse of what our future might be, and warn us of things to come.

Art of every type is made to inspire, give hope and remind us in the beauty that can be and that is in all things.

Creativity and Inspiration for an artist

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Dali - A creative mindAn artist’s creativity and inspiration begins with his own envision. It is the individual’s unique perception that forms his view and how he gets inspired. Each artist’s creativity will be fanned in different ways. Inspiration and creativity go side by side in artistically inclined persons and there is no definite situation that will ignite this surge suddenly.

This also depends largely on the type of art that the artist is inclined to. If he is a landscape artist, the outdoors will inspire him, but if he is a portrait or still life painter he will get stirred with different objects. There is a mindset involved in the painters thoughts which gives motivation to what attracts him.

Dull days for creativity

Every artist will have dull days when he is not inspired to do or start a new work of art or even to work on one that he has already started. This is a burn out of his energy and he would have to reenergise himself before commencing his painting once more.

Inspiration – A peep into the artists mind

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Renoir’s painting - Springtime (in Chatou)Paintings give an insight into the artists’ character and thoughts. Some creators are inspired by beauty of wilderness, others by splendour, an abundance of colours, or by stark reality of pain, hunger and misery. Whatever the artists inspiration to create his paintings he finally gives something to the audience that holds them spell bound by what they see on the canvas.

An artist has a visualisation that is like a third eye for him that gives an ingenious depiction of what he perceives and this is what he portrays to the observer by way of his creativity. Landscaping paintings which might be of astonishing locations or harsh reality come alive with the artists view of what lies before him. It is the artist’s perception that he lays before the observer. The viewer is transported into a dream world where he can loose himself to his fantasies and forget about his own humble dwellings. He travels on wings to distant lands and places of untold beauty and with a little imagination can weave a tale of visions and be in a trance until he awakens when he wishes to awaken and not before that.

Charcoal artist – inspiration

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Charcoal portrait Da VinciCharcoal artists can take their inspiration from virtually any object of everyday life. It could be the outdoor landscapes, a person or an inanimate object like a book or a cupboard. It could even be an emotion like anger, love, respect which then take a certain definite form and get transmitted onto paper. Some may consider this medium as a limitation given the fact that no color can be used. However portrait artists who have regularly been using charcoal love the wide variations in tonality that it provides. Right from depicting deep lines on an old man’s face, to the numerous impressions on the bark of an old tree – the possibilities in variation are virtually limitless. With practice many portraitist have found that this medium actually lends itself much better. The numerous possibilities in shading and shadow effect can create a final painting which has mystery and charm in it. In fact, black and white paintings can stir more emotion than a color painting.

Food as a center point in Pop Art

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Coca Cola bottle by Warhol (Pop Art)Most pop artists use modern day images, instances and people as their sources of inspiration. These then get re-interpreted as other forms in a pop art painting. What’s interesting is that in the later years, the work initiated by these painters were widely used in the advertising and marketing industry. For example, the coca cola bottle shape is still a mark of sensuality and represents a world of escapism and fantasy.

As far as the pop art scene in America goes, food seems to have been given a central importance. It represents a major outlet for spending income, while also doubling as a leisure and fun time activity. Thus, the emphasis on bottle feeding as opposed to breast feeding in America! From French fries, to burgers, cakes and beer – food has remained an all time favorite inspiration with American pop culture portrait artists.

Visualization in classical paintings

Saturday, December 29th, 2007


Oil portrait VisualizationMost often the inspiration for most oil portrait artists came from everyday instances and people around. Often flowers in a painting were used for more complex purposes. In paintings such as the Pre-Raphaelite by Millais of Ophelia the flowers present around her aren’t just for decorative purposes. They have been used to convey much deeper meaning. To name a few, crow flowers symbolise ingratitude, the weeping willow represent forsaken love, the nettles symbolise pain and daisies floating near her right hand represent innocence.

Thus oil portrayers of those times created a mental imagery of complex emotions and used everyday people to represent these.

Seeking Inspiration

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

An artist looking for inspirationsBy Inspiration we mean the ability to seek divinity, an elevating thought or concept from everyday objects. In art this refers to an ability to look for a deeper meaning in a particular subject. For example, a colorful bird could provide inspiration for an entire forest to be created. Usually the inspiring thought is abstract in nature and relates to an intangible feeling or thought. For example, sunrise could inspire the feeling of tremendous happiness in an artist, which then leads him to create an entire concept based on happiness.


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