Technology Inspires Artists

\"Technology Inspires Art\"

What creates passion in People? Inspiration may create passion or vice versa passion may create inspiration.  At any rate we know that people are inspired to create art and art inspires people to look, listen, and enjoy more art.

For many the enjoyment of art, music, literature, even film is not enough in itself, but they also look for other people that enjoy the same type of art and creation. Although, true that we are each individuals, we are also a whole, and as such we look for people with like interests whether we are artists ourselves, or just enjoy art.

The web has changed the way we enjoy and create art, giving us a medium in which we can either share our creativity with other creative beings or in which we can enjoy the same styles and types of art and talk about it with other people who also like the same things we do, and this creates both a maketing tool for those of us that are creative, a support system for artists, and a way of recommending art to friends and family when we enjoy certain types of art.

Photo: Courtesy of Hieronymus

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