The Artist and his Creativity

Triunfo de san hermenegildo - Herrera el JovenWhen we refer to artists and their work we always think of creativity, but what is creativity? The mystics define creativity as “being attune” with God. The job of the artist, painter, musician or writer then is to attune with the source of all creation, listen, and tell the story. It sort of goes with the old saying of “Shut up and listen.”

This in essence means that everyone has the ability to be creative, they just need to listen to the voice from within, and for an artist to be able to attune to that inner voice he may need a special place to work, a special time of day, a certain place, or experience, something that makes them want to paint and express the feelings and the creativity they feel from within. The next time you look at an artist work try not to think about it, but feel the creativity that emanated from his soul when he created it.

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