The artist transports the viewer

Landscape oil painting MonetDistant lands and spots of scenic beauty which it may not be possible to visit are brought within easy access. Creativity conveys much more than what meets the eye to the viewer and brings alive hidden splendour and mysticism. Rocks and stones and twigs and branches come alive under the artists deft strokes and are transformed into a beautiful landscape.

To a lay person what he sees before him may not inspire him to create something wonderful which he could present to the world as a work of art. The sunset or sunrise, a moon behind dark cloud, water rippling down a cliff or a barren stretch of land is transmitted with a mesmerising effect by a landscape artist in his paintings. The landscape artist brings beauty and a mesmerising effect into the most unassuming and dull scenery. What could not be perceived by the onlooker is drawn to the fore by the artists’ viewpoint and submitted in its fascinating form to the viewer.

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