The Influence of Jackson Pollock

One of the major players in the Abstract Expressionism movement in the United States, Jackson Pollock produced some of the most recognizable pieces related to this style.  He specialized in the use of liquid paints instead of the more traditional artist’s paints used on a canvas.  Pollock felt a strong draw to the form of paint pouring, creating his work by stretching a canvas out on the floor and dripping or pouring paint onto the canvas from above.  He would use hardened brushes and sticks to make touches on his canvas and due to his unconventional way of creating his art, Pollock’s paintings were considered by many to bring a new layer to the world of art for, as an artist, he could view his painting from multiple directions and be able to create in ways that a traditional, upright canvas would not allow.

One thing that Pollock did toward advancing the Abstract Expressionistic movement was when he started to refuse to name his pieces, giving a number as a name instead.  This, he felt, would stop the viewer from trying to find dramatic symbolism in the title and would instead make them focus on the painting itself and what it did for them.  This approach, to his art and his life, vaults him into the pantheon of great American artists.

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