The Lost Art of Oil Painting

Cyn Mcurry - CrystalMany of today’s artists prefer to work in many different art mediums. Most work in more than one medium and sometimes combine two or more different types of mediums. Because art is so extensive and learning to work as an artist is a life long learning process.

This is why most artists learn to specialize in one or two mediums. Unfortunately with modern paints and materials oil painting is an art form that is being pushed aside. Artists tend to think of oils as being a slow drying, and long applications. Although oil painting does require more time, and in some cases acrylic painting can imitate the look of oils, it can never replace the rich texture, and vibrant colors that can be attained through oil painting.

Oils especially in figure painting and portrait work cannot be replaced. There is nothing that will actually give you the vibrant life that oils can. Yes, its true! Oil painting takes longer, you have to layer it on slowly and wait for certain sections to dry before proceeding, but the finished art piece is much better than those obtained through other methods.

In fact, many artists who leave oil painting behind, decide to pick it up again after years of abstinence, and come to find that it is a wonderful medium to work in and brings out the true beauty of the art piece.


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