The Most Influential Painters of the Rococo Movement

Jeane Antoine Watteau - Pilgrimage to CytheraRococo is known as the art movement that took place in the 17th century and among the most famous painters of the movement were Jeane Antoine Watteau, François Boucher and Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Watteau’s work emphasizes the care free attitude of the times through his idyllic paintings and Boucher is known for his wonderfully designed tapestries.

Rococo pieces are noted most for the light colors, curvaceous forms, and graceful lines and Jeane Antoine Watteau was a master at his art form.

His compositions were innovative in style in that he always started with asymmetrical compositions, which contributed greatly not only to the Rococo style but to design in general. Through his art he became known as the inventor of the “Fetes galantes”. He painted idyllic scenes, with happy go lucky people dancing, enjoying themselves in beautiful settings.

This great artist is credited for renewing interest in color and movement within art. Jean Antoine Watteau’s was one of the main figures of the Rococo movement. Unfortunately, Jean Antoine Watteau’s art career was short lived. He was born in 1684 and named an associate of the French Academy in 1712. Unfortunately he died of tuberculosis in 1721 at a very young age. His work is know to epitomize the Rococo movement.

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