The Purpose of Art

The Young Beggar by MurilloHave you ever asked yourself what the purpose of art is? Is it only a portal to history and the way humankind has evolved? Is it the exact replica of what we are like? The truth is, that this day and age if we wanted exact replicas we would stick to photography. No! art is the portrayal of ideals and themes.

Could you imagine if all sculptors portrayed the minute scars on a mans body, or the stretch marks on a woman’s legs? Would these aspects portray the truth about humanity?

Artists create to praise mans beliefs, ideals, and goals in life. Art is a representation of pride, intellect, joy, sorrow, happiness loneliness and above all beauty. It does not have to be a real representation to portray any of these feelings, it should only portray them to the best of its ability.

Art is reason, reality and life, it does not matter what the setting, context or even whether it is historically accurate or not, so long as the meaning is understandable.

It does not even have to be a certain type of art movement. It can be fantasy art, digital art, modern art, neo classical, it only needs to speak to the human soul and represent our wonderful humanity.


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