The thought behind the picture

Ever wondered why a simple flower can set the mood and tone for an entire painting? All famous and no so famous artists have employed the usage of everyday objects as sources of their inspiration and concept behind the artwork.

Dali Rose MeditativeThere is lot of things an artist will envision while looking at a subject before drawing it. The final outcome of the painting will depend a lot on the style of the painting as well as the subject of choice. The art needs to highlight the positive aspects and characteristics of the subject, even if it is an inanimate object like a book or a flower. Thus if an artists sees the colors of the rainbow in the petals of a rose, he will need to portray his creativity in such a way as to go beyond the defined forms of the flower. Thus the final painting will depict much more than the natural form of the flower. That is, it will not only show the petals, leaves and thorns but a finer depth and character of the flower which could portray a deep emotion or a feeling through the painting.

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One Response to “The thought behind the picture”

  1. Laura Says:

    This is Dali’s painting “meditative rose”. The painting is quite an enigma. I wonder why he painted it so “realistic” at a time when most of his paintings were much more abstract.


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