The Work In Framing

Framing ArtWhen we go to an art show, we often overlook the time the artist took to show and to frame their work in just the right way. Framing takes time and getting enough pieces together for a show can be quite difficult. It may sometimes take an artist a period of a few months to get their artwork matted in coordinating colors and then framed just the right way for the painting.

Many artists frame their own art and others well send it off to be done because it can be complicated. Still whether an artists mats and frames his own art, or has a professional framer do it, the artist still has to make a lot of decisions, in regards to framing. For example, he wants a frame that will compliment the work and not overpower it and mat colors that are not too plain but not so bright as to overpower the piece.

An artist knows that part of making his artwork stand out is the way it is framed, and many artists don’t show that often precisely because of the time it takes to get their work organized and framed. Plus there is the added expense. Professional frames contrary to what you may believe are not cheap and raise the cost of an art piece.

Photo Courtesy from Zachstem

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