What is Pop Art?


 Andy Warhol Pop ArtPop art is an abbreviation of the terms Popular & Art. Pop art was born as a rebellion against existing painting forms, especially against abstract paintings because of its sophisticated nature. It was an attempt to bring art back into American daily life. To do so, pop art used popular brands, which were a part of everyone’s life and were present in most American homes, and redefined them in the art world. This put art in terms of contemporary life.

In the earlier days, traditional paintings would be rewarded while these pop forms would be openly rejected. Pop art forms mainly aimed at doing away with the deep-rooted idealism of nature and everyday life. They perceived life and its happenings exactly as they were – without any pretension. It was this honesty which served to jolt most people in those times. Most of these rebellious portrayers served to showcase the modern day consumerism. With the advent of pop art this was soon replaced. In its stead came the celebration of materialism. The inspiration came from everyday objects, people and incidents. Thus these painters were able to create paintings which one could relate to more easily. The American artist Andy Warhol remains one of the greatest pop culture portrayers of all time, to this day.



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