Women Artist Inspired With the Metaphysical

Contemporary artist seem to be inspired and fascinated by topics and themes that represent the metaphysical.  Ellen Lanyon is one of these artists. Her work fascinates me because she uses so many fantastical images mixed in with realistic ones.  She makes one wonder at the mystery of nature and how we as humans affect our habitat

Lanyon tries to show that all living things are linked together through her work. She advocates the ecological balance of life and expresses it through her painting.  She combines normal things found in nature or in everyday life and combines them with items from junk shops, or taxidermy specimens and combines them all into a fantastic combination, expressing the relationship between man made objects and those objects found in nature. She wants people to understand the magical process that happens once life begins.

Even the titles of her paintings gives you a hint of what she is trying to communicate through her painting. Take the painting ¨Endangered,¨ in it she tries to explain how we shouldn’t allow things that are important to fade in our memory.

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