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Bansky Graffiti Artist - Urban ArtBansky is best known in London, but his work is also becoming well known in the United States. If you have never heard of Bansky, he is a well known English Graffiti artist. Although he doesn’t work in your typical graffiti art, his is much more than just a spray painted name on a wall. Bansky has never been to one of his own shows, and nobody really knows who he is.

Bansky distinguishes himself from other graffiti artists because of his stencil technique, which allows him to make his graffiti art faster and it also allows his art to be recognized.

Bansky-Urban Art-Graffiti ArtistHis work raises eyebrows, makes people think, and he makes money. A recent work auctioned at Sotheby’s made over $500,000 dls.

Besides his graffiti work, he has published three books with images of his work and quotes about society that go with it.

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